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Florist Debbie Dills Was Late For Work -- And That Helped Police Catch Charleston Shooting Suspect

A North Carolina florist running late for work on Thursday trailed a suspected murderer for 35 miles and was credited Cheap Cialis by police with helping catch Dylann Roof, the 21-year-old wanted in Wednesday night's Buy Cialis shooting deaths of nine people in a historic black Tadalafil church in Charleston, South Carolina. Debbie Dills Generic Cialis online, a florist and minister who works in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, was driving to work along U.S. 74 when she spotted Roof in his black Hyundai Elantra heading west. Something about his car seemed familiar to her, she told ABC News. “I saw the pictures of him with the bowl cut. I said, 'I've seen that car for Buy Cheap Cialis some reason.’ I look over, and it's got a South Carolina tag on it,” Dills told the Shelby Star on Thursday afternoon. “I thought, 'Nah, that's not his car.' Then, I got closer and Buy Tadalafil saw that Buy Cialis haircut. I was nervous. I had the worst feeling. Is that him or not Buy Cialis online him?” When Dills called her boss for advice around 10:30 a.m., Roof had already put 245 miles Cheap Cialis between him and Charleston Buy Cheap Cialis in the 14 hours since the manhunt for him began. Dills' boss, Todd Frady, kept her on one line as he called police in Kings Buy Tadalafil Citrate Mountain on another. Kings Mountain police then called the Buy Cialis online police in Shelby, the town Dills and Roof were Buy Tadalafil passing on Highway 74. "I was scared," Dills Buy Cheap Cialis told NBC News. "I felt bad. I felt really Cheap Tadalafil Tablets weird. I felt like it was him, but I didn't want it to be Cheap Cialis him." Dills told the Shelby Star she pulled off the highway, but then got back on and caught up with Roof's car again because something didn't feel right. "I thought, please don't let him think I'm following Buy Cialis him," Dills added. Shelby Police said in a statement Thursday that the first call from Frady's Florist reporting a Buy Tadalafil possible sighting of Roof came at 10:32 a.m. Less than 20 minutes later, Shelby police had captured Roof. A police receptionist in King's Mountain was Buy Cheap Cialis unable to comment. Calls to police in Shelby and Charleston were not immediately returned. "I am so pleased we were able to resolve this case quickly," Charleston police Chief Greg Mullen said at a Thursday news conference. After his arrest, Roof waived Buy Tadalafil Citrate extradition Buy Cialis online and was on his way back to South Carolina to face charges, according to The Associated Press. You truly understand! It is my sincere hope that this premeditated, hateful act helps others understand the disparity of treatment with my race and other minorities. A cold-blooded Buy Cheap Cialis murderer of Cheap Cialis nine, Cheap Tadalafil Tablets unarmed people in church arrested without a scratch on him? ? ? Was this WAIT!! No Buy Cialis resistence, no threat to Buy Tadalafil police officer(s) from running away, no over zealous police officer(s), no knowledge of suspect's weapon or arsenal possessed, and an uneventful takedown? An ARMED KILLER OF NINE (9) PEOPLE ON THE RUN WITH EVERY POLICE AGENCY ON THE Buy Cialis ALERT WAS ARRESTED QUIETLY AND Buy Cheap Cialis WITHOUT A VISIBLE Buy Cheap Cialis SCRATCH, WITHOUT Buy Tadalafil Citrate A WOUND, OR REPORT OF A FIREARM DISCHARGED. OH WAIT!! NOW, Buy Tadalafil DO YOU UNDERSTAND? THANK YOU, MR. SEIBERT, FOR UNDERSTANDING. IT MATTERS TO US! Thank you doesn't seem adequate enough Debbie Dills. You are a bright spot in this tragedy. Reply · · 62 · June 18 at 6:01pm Lisa Buy Cialis Trueman · Top Commenter What an alert and brave lady! Had he realized she Buy Cialis online had spotted him he might've confronted her Reply · · 62 · June 18 at 5:39pm Joseph Rodriguez Why do you say that? He has shown absolutely no Cheap Cialis indication that Cheap Tadalafil Tablets he wants to kill anyone except for blacks. I'm sure she was never in danger. Reply · · 3 · June 18 at 9:36pm Koko Yumyum · Top Commenter · Buy Tadalafil Citrate Indiana University Joseph Rodriguez duh, maybe he didn't want to be caught? I Buy Tadalafil think she was not only brave, but the kind of person we Buy Cialis all hope we would be when we are given an Buy Cialis opportunity to do the right thing. Your assurances that you do not think she is in danger means nothing. Reply · · 15 · June 19 at 8:28am Doug Farrell · Top Commenter Joseph Rodriguez No danger??? A killer is a Buy Cheap Cialis killer. And this was one was armed and on the run Buy Tadalafil following a massacre. No danger...Buy Cialis online right. Reply · · 5 · Buy Cheap Cialis June 19 at 2:10pm View 2 more Jon St Clair · Top Commenter Nicely done Buy Cialis Debbie! Reply · · 41 · June 18 at 5:41pm Tom Seibert · Works Buy Tadalafil at Self-Employed How did the arresting officer not fear for his life and Cheap Tadalafil Tablets fire about fifty shots through the windshield??? Oh wait!! Never mind. Reply · · 37 · June 18 at 8:54pm Lisa Barton · Top Commenter Yes - especially Buy Cheap Cialis since they knew he was armed and Buy Cialis dangerous. I mean we've seen cops shoot at a car with Buy Cialis online an unarmed Buy Tadalafil mom and 3 kids in there -- oh that's right, they were black. I'll bet the cop even Cheap Cialis put his hand on the top of his head when he put him in the car and read him his rights. Do Buy Tadalafil you ever Buy Cialis see them give the Miranda rights to black people? Reply · · 11 · Edited · June 18 Buy Cheap Cialis Buy Cialis online at Buy Tadalafil 9:20pm

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